Friday, November 21, 2008

Trenton's Final Wrestling Match!!!!!

Trenton and Mommy after the match!!

A picture of Trenton and his dad after the

The first picture of Trenton when he got his
Silver medal!!! He was so happy

Here is Trenton in his first match..........pinned the other kid in less than 2 minutes!

Okay, I know that every mom is proud of their kids, but I'm just gonna come right out and say it!!! I am sooo proud of my little boy Trenton! He had his last wrestling tournament tonight, his first match he won by a pin, and his last match he won by points- 11-2. He did so awesome. He was so proud to take home his silver medal!! But I must say, it absolutely kills a mom to see her little boy cry when he is trying so hard to win a match. He had so much determination and never gave up!! He kept asking me, "Mommy why are you so proud of me"? I kept telling him it was because it was because he did such a great job!!! He said "I don't think thats why, I think it is just because you love me"? What a great kid!! Enjoy the pics!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trenton's American Eagle Report..................

Trenton did his Report today. He picked the American Eagle because it is his Grandpa Campbell's favorite thing. For the past 2 weeks he has gone over to their house to learn about the Eagle, knew everything front to back. When he got into class to give the report.........HE FROZE!!! I had to do the whole thing for him!! He finally gave a few interesting facts at the end of his report, and promply went back to "Gabbing" with all his friends. He was really proud of himself, because he wrote the whole thing on his own and colored and posted pictures!!! I'm proud of him to...............and at least Grandma, Grandpa and I know that he knows EVERYTHING there is to know about the American Eagle!!!! Just to "shy" to share with the class! Little Stinker!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Giving Tree!

A few weeks ago, we decided to have a lesson on being Thankful, and giving to others. Our kids have really struggled with always thinking they need more, and never have enough! So, we decided for FHE a few weeks ago, to give a lesson on Thankfulness. The tree started out completely bare, and within in 2 weeks it blossomed to be a beautiful Thankful Tree! We had a lesson on what we learned this last Monday night, and the kids seemed to be really suprised by what they really do have. Everything always comes so easy for our kids, we wanted them to realize how grateful they should be for everything. But, what really made it fun, was everytime ANYONE came to the door, (Mailman, UPS, friends, teachers, Grandma and Grandpa or Aunts and Uncles) they had the oppurtunity to fill out a Thankful Leaf. It might sound really cheesy, but I know it has taught my children what they really have. It's funny, when we first started, they put things like, "I'm thankful for Gum, or going to the movies" , alot of things that had monitary value only. But after a few days we noticed other things, like a warm bed to sleep in, or food that mom makes us, or my brothers and sisters and Mom and Dad. The cutest one of all came from my baby Trenton, he said " I am grateful for my mommy's hugs". Yes, I bawled, I'm so silly!!! It really is amazing though how much it has changed the way my children look at life. They have realized that the things that cost money, don't always matter, it's the important things that matter, like a warm bed, or food to eat, clothes on their back, or scripture study. Hopefully my kids will carry this lesson with them throughout their own lives!! All I can do, is teach them!! The rest just happens!!!!

Mom, I'm NOT tired, not tired at all!!!

Yep, he said he WAS NOT tired. He'd been running all day from 8 am this morning. He kept saying, I don't want to go to bed and I'm gonna stay up as long as you do. But, as you can see HE DIDN'T MAKE IT!!! He can fall asleep anywhere!! But seriously, How cute is this. They really do look innocent when they are asleep!! HEHE!!

Halloween 2008

K- how cute are my kids?!! Kolbey was suppose to dress up for work, but she decided to rip a shirt and wear jeans, claims that was was her costume......she really just wanted to wear jeans to work!! Spencer made his own costume..he went as a hobo, Emilee went as Catwoman (How cute is she)!!! And my Trenton went as Anniken Warrior. They had so much fun, and yes the candy was gone within 2 days!!!! It took us a week to get them off their sugar high!!! Good Grief! Can't wait till next year!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I have FINALLY entered the blogging world......

Ok! So I made it! Leslie finally got my page all set up! So, now I have no excuses! I've wanted to start blogging for over a year, but life kinda took over, and before I knew it......I had no time left during the day...........or night!!! For the past year and a half I worked at the theater here in Hurricane, as the Assistant Manager. I loved it, and probobly would have been there forever, but the Lord always knows us better than we know ourselves, and there were no questions asked when it came time for me to leave. We initially decided for me to go to work, when we could no longer see over the mounting Medical bills that were piling up!! But, at the same time Shane and I both worried about my health and the demands of being a mom and working!! ( I was diagnosed with Lupas, FM, and RA about 2 years ago). I was constantly exausted trying to juggle both, but we made it, AND got the bills paid off. It was difficult leaving my kids at the theater, but I love being home full time again with my kids. We stay busy, with wrestling, friends, soccer, homework, and all the other activities our kids are involved in! I love being a mom, and wouldn't change it for the world. My kids are beautiful, smart and totally hillarious! (I think that may be a Campbell trait :) I'm exited to be a part of the blogging world, but I have learned to not make any promises when it comes to keeping up on it!! But, I will try!!!